Client Questions

  • 1). What is the organization’s name?
  • 2). What does this organization do?
  • 3). Where is this company located?
  • 4). Does this organization already have an existing logo?
  • 5). Does the organization have specific colors associated with it?
  • 6). Is there a quote/slogan associated with the company?
  • 7). Is there a specific message you want to be interpreted within the logo?
  • 8). Do you want any specific typefaces included?
  • 9). Do you want the location of the company included within the logo?
  • 10). How do you want the logo to look – more flat, 3-D, big/small, etc.?
  • 11). Where will this logo be used?
  • 12.) Would you like any elements from the past logo to be included?

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