Unit Projects – Launch, Choices, Process

When first introduced to the Unit Projects, I needed to take a couple of days to really think about what I wanted to do. My thought process was doing projects based on where I might want to go after graduation in May, what I wanted to include in my portfolio, etc. I ended up choosing to do the Promotional pieces, the package design, and the Portfolio website projects. The first two are 1 unit each, while the portfolio is 2. I am starting with the promotional pieces project, followed by the package design and finishing with the portfolio website.

So far, the promotional posters have been challenging in figuring out how I want the compositions to be. Since one of the pictures we must include is horizontal, it is proving to be tough in creating  a layout that is consistent in all 3 posters, since it is a series. For my other portion of the project, I plan to do a brochure on all 3 artists. This coming week, despite it being spring break, will be dedicated on working on the layout for all 3 posters. When we come back, I plan to spend the bulk of the time on the brochure component.


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