End of Portfolio

The end of the semester is next week, so the end of the portfolio is almost here! This week I will finish putting last minute changes into the portfolio to close it out on this coming Monday. I have the bulk of my work that I wanted to include in there already, I just have to add a few more items and then I’ll be all set!

The link to my portfolio is:




Finished Flyer Series, Beginning of Portfolio

On Monday, I closed out the Flyer Series project I was working on. I ended up making 5 flyers. I really enjoyed making these and am glad that I changed from the package design to this proposed project. All that is left for this semester is the portfolio project. This week I am focusing on narrowing down all of the projects I would like to include in my portfolio. After that, I plan to research content management sites and such and eventually decide on one that I think is appropriate and suitable for my work.

Below are the finished flyers:

Change of Plans

So, when I first picked the projects I wanted to do, I decided on the Promotional Series, the package design, and the portfolio website. I just finished the promotional series and realized that I couldn’t find a package that I was dying to re-design. So, after some thought, I decided I would scratch that project and do a series of flyers for my personal freelance photography business. Within my internship, I have created several posters and flyers and have really enjoyed doing them, prompting me to do a series of flyers for my freelance project. Attached is the first one I created:


End of Promotional Piece

Following the last blog post, I have spent the bulk of Spring Break working on the brochure component of the promotional piece project. I finished the three different posters and I will take the rest of the weekend to finish the brochure component, as I just need to double check things and add finishing touches. I also plan to have my product decided on for the upcoming package design project.

Unit Projects – Launch, Choices, Process

When first introduced to the Unit Projects, I needed to take a couple of days to really think about what I wanted to do. My thought process was doing projects based on where I might want to go after graduation in May, what I wanted to include in my portfolio, etc. I ended up choosing to do the Promotional pieces, the package design, and the Portfolio website projects. The first two are 1 unit each, while the portfolio is 2. I am starting with the promotional pieces project, followed by the package design and finishing with the portfolio website.

So far, the promotional posters have been challenging in figuring out how I want the compositions to be. Since one of the pictures we must include is horizontal, it is proving to be tough in creating  a layout that is consistent in all 3 posters, since it is a series. For my other portion of the project, I plan to do a brochure on all 3 artists. This coming week, despite it being spring break, will be dedicated on working on the layout for all 3 posters. When we come back, I plan to spend the bulk of the time on the brochure component.